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We always listen to our client’s needs, tailoring individual requirements with suitable products and services that meet budgets and deadlines. We do our best to be flexible without compromising quality. We can supply maintenance programmes and a guarantee with an ‘Aftercare service’.

definite-floors Solid Timber Floors
definite-floors Solid Timber Floors 2


Sure after years of extensive use, most flooring systems become run-down, but when it comes to timber floors, they can be brought back to its natural beauty through re-sanding and coating. Due to its damage resistance and low maintenance nature, this sort of flooring is perfect for high-traffic homes and offices. As solid timber doesn’t  have any fibre to trap things which might be harmful to your children, this kind of flooring is hypo-allergenic in nature.

Although solid timber floors can be installed in any places, there are strict guidelines and procedures which need to be followed. This is where experts like us here at Definite Floors excel. For years now, we have not only been offering quality timber flooring products but also excellent customer services regarding installation and maintenance.


  • Hard wearing and long lasting
  • Extensive range of colours, species and grain patterns
  • Low maintenance
  • Low environment impact during manufacture
  • Solid timber is a renewable source
  • The colour of the floor can be easily changed by re-staining

So if you are thinking of installing solid timber floors in your house, contact us now. We will help you at a cost which is easily affordable.


There is no doubt that engineered flooring is renowned for bringing the sophistication of real timber while also delivering a stable floor and hassle free installation. Over the years, engineered timber floors have become extremely popular because they serve as a great alternative to solid timber. Compared to its traditional counterparts, they are not only quicker to install but also are easy to maintain, use far less natural timber resources and are way cheaper. All this and you still get the look of genuine timber floors.

Be it modern or traditional decors, we here at Definite Floors have a wide range of engineered flooring options, from deep browns to rich reds to several other shades.

Needless to say, the look and technology of engineered flooring has advanced to a great degree over the past decade. These days, a quality engineered floor can provide much more stability as compared to solid timber flooring. This ensures that wider floorboards can be used without risking any sort of movement which is a recurring problem with solid floors.



  • Available in beautiful hardwood species
  • Sanding and finishing doesn’t result in fumes or mess
  • Can be walked on after just a few hours from installation
  • Just like traditional timber floors, these can also be re-sanded
  • Since it doesn’t harbor allergens or dust, they are perfect for allergy sufferers

Over the years, we have provided several homes with quality engineered floors at competitive prices. If you want the same, give us a call and we will help you right away.

definite-floors Engineered Floors
definite-floors Engineered Floors2
definite-floors Laminate Floors


Are you tired of your outdated or worn out flooring in your home or office? If so, look no further than Definite Floors.

Not only is laminate easy to install and maintain, but its designed in a way which replicates the natural grain, colour and texture of hardwood. Over the years, laminate flooring has been in great demand due to its exceptionally durable and realistic nature. On top of it, it’s also resistant to scratches, wear, fading and staining.

Whether you have a premise that’s prone to humid air or heavy foot traffic, we have a wide variety of laminate flooring option to suit your needs. If you like stone, tile or wood, there is no doubt that you will love laminate floors because you will get the same looks but without the cost or high maintenance. If you want to express your personal taste in the house, laminate floors are the way to go.


  • Available in beautiful hardwood species
  • They are resistant to scratches, stains and sunlight fade
  • This kind of flooring doesn’t need to be polished or waxed
  • Laminate floors can be used in several places around the premise
  • They can easily be replaced
  • They are available in all sorts of designs
  • Although it’s not real wood, laminate floors are a popular alternative to it.
They are capable of minimizing the noise of footfalls

There is no doubt that laminate floors are an affordable alternative to its traditional counterparts and if you think that you are interested in this sort of flooring option, just give us a call.


Bamboo flooring is an amazing choice and a green choice for both home or office flooring. With many top name brands Definite Floors offered by Full Service Flooring, you can be sure to find what you need in Bamboo Flooring here.

With 3 choices in bamboo flooring you can’t go wrong. There is horizontal bamboo, vertical bamboo and strand woven bamboo. Strand Woven is one of the most dense floors on the market and has durability that will last a lifetime. There are many variations of strand woven flooring with many colors to choose from. Come check out the flooring options of bamboo in VIC we have to offer.


There’s no denying the fact that over the years, bamboo has emerged as the preferred flooring option for most people. And that’s not surprising at all. At the end of the day, it has traits which other flooring options don’t. In addition to being stylish and strong, bamboo is one of the most sustainable materials there is. Sure, hardwood floors are a close contender but what ticks in favour of bamboo flooring is the fact that its way more affordable than its hardwood counterparts.


Now, most of you already know that this tall, hollow grass (which resembles trees) is primarily found in Asia. What you might not know this that harvest period of bamboo spans from 5-7 years. This is in stark contrast to its hardwood counterparts which can take even 100 years to mature.

Not only is bamboo flooring flexible and of superior strength, but they are also extremely attractive and are available in a wide variety of patterns and shades. In fact, there are more than 1000 types of bamboo. What’s more, it’s harvested in a manner which is environmentally responsible, and that’s precisely the reason why this renewable resource is fast becoming a viable alternative to timber.



  • Horizontal bamboo: Made from flat thin strips of bamboo, this kind of surface looks like bamboo in its natural state, and that’s partly down to its distinctive knuckle pattern.
  • Vertical bamboo: Although these are also made of thin strips of bamboo, they have a more uniform and linear look as compared to its horizontal counterparts.
  • Strand woven bamboo: Strand Woven is one of the densest floors on the market and has the durability that will last a lifetime. There are many variations of strand woven flooring with many colours to choose from. Primarily, they have a more organic and flowing grain pattern which resembles timber flooring.
  • Engineered bamboo: Compared to the real bamboo flooring, engineered ones are much more stable, but it still looks and feels like the real thing. Also, they are a bit more affordable.Having several years of experience, we have continued to be the bamboo flooring specialists ensuring that our clients receive the best quality flooring products and services. Some of the advantages of opting for your bamboo flooring solutions are:

  • Sustainable: Not just because of its fast growing renewable resource, bamboo by nature is one of the most eco-friendly flooring options available.
  • Easy to maintain: Bamboo floors are quite easy to maintain. You need to do the same as when you clean timber floors which include vacuuming regularly and wiping spills as soon as it occurs.
  • Resistant to insects: Due to its anti-static and hypo-allergenic properties, bamboo is resistant to insects. This ensures that your house is a healthy and happy.
  • Dimensionally stable: Compared to traditional timber floors, bamboo flooring is much more stable, and that’s partly down to its construction. When exposed to heat, humidity or moisture, it won’t shrink or warp like in the case of hardwoods.
  • Affordable: Everyone dreams of having hardwood floors in their house but not everyone has that kind of budget to afford it. With bamboo flooring, you don’t have to compromise much, because not only does it feels and looks like timber, but its way more affordable.]So it’s quite obvious that bamboo flooring is perfect for those who are not only looking for an affordable alternative to hardwood but also prefer the exotic and unique look of bamboo. The fact that this flooring option provides style, sustainability and strength in equal measures says it all.If you have allergies or suffer from asthma, bamboo floors can be perfect for you because of its hypo-allergic quality.We have provided bamboo flooring to several clients over the years, and we are proud of the quality of service that we have consistently maintained.
definite-floors Bamboo Floors
definite-floors Bamboo Floors 2
definite-floors Engineered Floors 3
definite-floors Engineered Floors 4
definite-floors Vinyl Floors


It is a fact that most people like wooden floors as a part of their house as it adds a special warmth and a charm to the interiors but not everyone gets to afford them either due to the price tag attached to it or the care that is to be taken to ensure the floors stay intact for the rest of the time. To replace it and be a cheap alternative, there was the advent of vinyl flooring made of polyvinyl chloride while giving it a wooden texture and look.

It is an option that several choose for the kitchen, bathroom, the basement and any other place that comes in contact with water. While our clients make a choice on vinyl flooring, we ensure that they receive nothing but the best services where the best quality tiles are put to use while ensuring longevity.

Here are a few benefits of vinyl flooring that are likely to bring about a glamorous look to your house.

  • The quality of being water-resistant, it turns out to be one of the best and the safest option for installation at the bathrooms, laundry, kitchen, etc. where there is no fear of damage to the wood when in contact with water.
  • It is known to be really affordable on the pocket when compared to wooden floors, and it lasts for as long as twenty years when you maintain it well and perform regular checks on them.

  • When compared to carpets and wooden flooring with no protection, it is known to be stain resistant where a simple wipe can get rid of spills which don’t leave behind horrific stains. Occasional stripping and polishing tasks performed on the vinyl flooring can make it stay the same for long.


Gone are the days when people made use of stones and coloured marble to bring about a dramatic and elegant effect to their floors. It not just costed more but required a lot of maintenance to keep the elegance alive. With the advent of wooden flooring, parquetry floors have become much in demand where a mosaic pattern with the wood gives a dramatic look to your floors while keeping the warmth and the aesthetics alive.

Parquet wood flooring brings in different patterns and textures of wood while the floors get a striking look that grabs eyeballs. With a team specialising in parquetry floor, there is the use of modern equipment and techniques that ensure that you receive floors that are great to look at, durable and add value to the house.

The reason why there is such a lot of demand for parquetry floor is the benefits that they come up with.

  • It has the ability to uplift the look and feel of the house without you having to make extra contributions to the way your house looks.
  • It is known to match perfectly to the decor of the house especially when the patterns are chosen while being matched to the interiors.
  • It is easy to maintain just like you would do for the wooden flooring. A simple use of a mop and brush can remove dust and grime, and an occasional sanding can maintain longevity.
  • It is a great alternative to rugs and carpets with patterns because it doesn’t pose as a breeding ground for dust mites and allergens.
definite-floors Parquetry Floors


We know how easy life has become for you after the installation of wooden flooring. There is lesser maintenance involved, and the floor continues to give that warm and cosy feeling apart from adding to the overall appeal of the house. While that is an advantage, with time, the floor tends to look dull especially when there is more of foot traffic involved.

To get rid of such problems with the wooden flooring, we offer services on Floor Sanding where the top coat of the wood is scraped off, smoothened while giving it a new and shiny look all over again. There are several who may feel it to be an added expense but when you get to know its benefits, you would want us to immediately come over to help.

  • It is known to help repair areas that are worn out. If you like those wood stains to stay, sanding is likely to bring them back.
  • The dents and scratches on the wooden floors can be removed when there is floor sanding conducted.
  • Since there is no manual effort involved and it is the machine that would do it all, the wood gets to stay smooth for long.
  • We apply sealants and varnishes on the wooden floors after a floor sanding task which allows the floor to look new all over again.
  • It is considered to be an investment when compared to repairing and replacing carpets which often becomes expensive. A simple session on floor sanding can help restore its sheen without having to pay more.

definite-floors Floor Sanding 2
definite-floors Floor Sanding
definite-floors Staircases


When it comes to decorating or renovating our house, we focus on several aspects such as the wall color, the type of wallpaper, furniture, carpets, storage areas, etc. and focusing on them seems legitimate. The reason behind this is that these areas are accessible and catch the eye first rather than the areas such as the staircase.

The staircase of the house is one such area that experiences the highest foot traffic, and as a result, it experiences wear and tear especially when there are carpets laid. We at Definite Floors believe that when you own a house, it is made to stay for long then why not opt for things that have a better longevity? This is where we come to your rescue with wooden flooring for your staircase.

If you have recently purchased a house, intend to renovate an existing house or intend to sell it off at a higher price, there is nothing better than wooden staircases to add to the appeal and value of the house that you own. This is where we are known to help you in the best way.

Wooden staircases are known to have several benefits to its name.

  • A perfectly varnished solid wood staircase is known to have a longer life than the ones made of soft wood. It stays for long without having to make you replace it over and over again.
  • There is lesser maintenance involved where you do not have to put in an effort to clean it, unlike a carpet covered staircase. Simply mopping it or brushing it off would remove dust and grime on it while giving you that perfect looking staircase.
  • There is this luxurious look that you house receives. With wooden stairs adding to your house decor, your guests and visitors would shower you with compliments for it.

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